Essie’s Wonder Butters

All Natural Extra Strength Pain Reliever and more

Essie Mae Enterprises LLC is Women Owned Minneapolis, MN based small business about all things natural. Our Essie’s Wonder Butter an All Natural Extra Strength Pain Reliever has helped hundreds of people who have sought simple solutions to muscle strains, chronic pain and arthritic pain to name a few. Made with Organic African Shea Butter and 15 Essential Oils that all have anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties, along with our propriety blend features Bilal’s Black Seed Oil a powerful antioxidant (which we also carry in an oral tincture), plays the role of activator to boost the effects for a fast acting and long lasting relief.

Essie’s recently added to our line of All Natural Healing aides, Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets with Essential Oils. Wear your aromatherapy right on your wrist with our unisex stylish bracelets. They are handmade with Lava Rocks (a natural oil diffuser) combined with Wooden, All Natural Stone beads are adjustable or elastic bands and comes with one of our 4 Essential Oil blends.

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